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About Us

Our DNA (Who We Are)

Power2U is a boutique Consulting Agency beating in the heart of Boston.

Just like Boston’s fascinating character, history and architecture, Power2U combines long-standing and traditional expertise with high-energy and innovative young talent. With decades of accumulated experience in management and strategy, business development, and government relations, Power2U brings fresh ideas and outside-the-box creativity to help tackle some of the most challenging projects.

With an extensive global footprint, Power2U and its associates have successfully executed assignments across the United States, in multiple countries in Europe, the CIS and the Middle East. Our international nature and global relationships have helped us understand the value of “being local” for each one of our partners, respecting their culture and identifying the unique requirements of each request.

Our set of Principles (What we believe in)

Power2U is not just a name; it is a mission statement. Within our name derives our passion and drive towards our partners’ success. Our mission is simple enough: “Empower you to succeed!”

At Power2U we believe in the undisputed value of building relationships. We have found it is through relationships that any person or organization can feel empowered to grow and flourish. Therefore, we have made it our purpose to establish, inspire and empower relationships, and help our partners succeed along the way.

As a matter of fact, we always treat the people we work with as partners and not just as clients. When someone entrusts us with an assignment, we are “in it together”. We set common goals and build unique and tailor-made strategies around them.

Whether it is “connecting the dots”, “putting the pieces together”, or “opening a door” it is what we do: bring people together to find solutions and achieve great things.

Our Character (How we do business)

Power2U has been created with only the highest values and ethical footprint in mind. Our work is based on trust, honesty, fairness, and humanity.

At Power2U we believe that every relationship is unique within its own values. We treat our partners equally, with respect and complete transparency. We also maintain our integrity and credibility by emphasizing the importance of communication, and especially the significance of active listening.

As a result, we always keep your best interest at heart and believe in growing together. We have learned to never act alone and to never hold our partners hostage. Instead, we believe in knowledge-transfer, where our ideas, expertise and insights should be openly shared to eventually become an inspiration. We strategically team up with each of our partners and always move hand-in-hand and side-by-side towards the goals and vision set by them.

This is our drive, our passion and our DNA: “Empower you to succeed!”

Our Mission

At Power2U, we are committed to helping our partners decipher problems and grow their business. We want Power2U to be a destination for companies and organizations to become inspired, grow and flourish, and help them think outside the box, no matter the industry or complexity of the issue. We love to be able to use our network to connect people and connect the dots. Dedicated to our core values, we see Power2U being a long-term partner and even a friend or an ally in the years to come; that’s because friends respect each other’s morals, they help each other grow and always motivate each other.

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