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Government Relations

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One of the key elements at Power2U is understanding the importance of protocol and respecting the processes on building and cultivating relationships at all levels of government.

Working with the Public Sector can be intimidating and tricky, requiring the ability to navigate through many written, as well as unwritten rules. More than ever before, companies try to engage in doing business with the government, while the political arena is becoming increasingly complicated. At Power2U, we have a long track record of working with all levels of US government (Federal, State and Local), as well as numerous administrations around the world.

Having worked on a wide array of government projects, executing government contracts, acting as a liaison, and engaging in fundraisers and socio-political events, we have built an extensive network that is continually nurtured and grown. Over the years, we have developed finesse in the art of interacting and working with public officials and have developed a deep appreciation and understanding on the proper protocols required to make sure you comply with government standards and requirements. Accordingly, we use all those elements and work closely with your organization to develop strategies and build competitive advantages that will eventually help “get your foot in the door”.

As a first step, we make it our responsibility to help you understand what it means to work with the Public Sector, along with its contractual processes and obligations. Once those have been realized, we work together to identify your organization’s end-goals and guide you through the respective avenues of government relationship building. Throughout the process – whether it is transferring knowledge on government contractual obligations and procedures, cutting through the red tape, building relations, addressing issues, or preparing and responding to RFPs – Power2U will pace you through the legal details and vital social components that come with engaging with the public sector.

Last but not least, following the award of a government contract or the successful resolution of an issue, Power2U will stay by your side to guide and advise you on the next steps of implementation and relationship-building with the client. Power2U takes pride in transparency, knowledge-transfer, and the particular set of skills needed to make our partners successful and powerful by supporting them throughout the entire lifecycle of doing business with any government agency and institution.