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As a boutique consulting agency, Power2U relies on innovation and flexibility to help your business expand and prosper. With decades of experience in global Business Development, we recognize the need for composed, value-driven growth in order to experience profit.

Over the years, we have acquired extensive knowledge on strengthening market presence by establishing international offices and building resources around them, running newly established operations, identifying strategic partners, and examining new opportunities for expansion, all the while driving operational efficiency and growth in both existing and new markets.

Business Development and business capture are multi-step processes with a broad and complex nature. For that reason, we make sure to provide your business with more than just a generic guide to growth. Working intimately with teams across your organization and beyond, our goal is to create a bespoke approach and a custom path for your business based on your specific needs.

At Power2U, the first step is always the creation of a strong partnership with you that will ultimately support future growth. This is done by identifying your company’s core competencies, direction, and mission. We then eliminate potential growth inhibitors and look for preliminary threats and weaknesses, forming a firm foundation that is conducive to innovation. Finally, we identify the opportunities and strategies for growth and implement them based on procedures that are tailor-made to your organization’s goals and aspirations. Once your company is on its ascent, we remain by your side to serve as your partner and guide to witness your evolution. We ensure you are maintaining and increasing growth, always providing room for innovation and opportunity towards sustainable success.