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At Power2U we believe in the undisputed power of communication and the value of building and cultivating relationships. Our purpose is to establish, inspire and empower relationships for our partners, helping them grow their business and expand their network.

With decades of accumulated experience in executive management, strategy, business development and government relations, Power2U brings fresh ideas and outside-the-box creativity to help tackle some of the most challenging projects. Covering an extensive international footprint, Power2U and its associates have successfully executed assignments across the United States, in multiple countries in Europe, the CIS and the Middle East.

Whether it is “connecting the dots”, “putting the pieces together”, or “opening a door”, it is what we do: bring people together to find solutions and achieve great things.

This is our drive, our passion and our DNA: “Empowering you to succeed!”

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Our Services

Power2U’s diverse portfolio, its exposure to international business, and its extensive network enable numerous possibilities to provide a concrete, tailor-made action plan for your company.

We develop bespoke, personalized plans and offer expert strategic advice to help executive and managerial levels within your organization make informed decisions, streamlining your current approach, increasing efficiency, and providing you with the skillset to travel along the selected path.

We analyze the multiple avenues of growth and provide your company with the best expansion opportunities by establishing and strengthening market presence, identifying strategic partnerships, and eliminating potential growth inhibitors in competitive environments.

Whether it is transferring knowledge on government procedures and contractual obligations, responding to RFPs, or acting as a liaison for your company, we walk you through the methods and vital socio-political components that come with government contracts and relationship-building.


Our Values

At Power2U, these Core Values speak to our company’s identity, leadership, principles, and character. They guide our decision-making, capture our image, and steer our actions.


We stand by our unconditionally open and honest communication with all of our partners and with each other. No matter the challenge, honesty conveys integrity.

Knowledge transfer

Our goal is always to build and cultivate relationships with and for our partners. By working together, we become the compass that navigates us towards success.

Relationship building

We pride ourselves as great communicators. We actively listen to you in order to understand first, and then address our ideas and communicate clear messages.

Communication & Collaboration

We believe in giving you the tools to build and grow. We involve you in the process, we embrace and incorporate your ideas, and leave you as the captain of your ship.

Commitment to Partners’ Success

We are all human. We recognize that everyone carries their own burdens. We understand the importance of kindness and appreciate the value of life!

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